Birthday Status for Husband

Birthday Status for Husband

There are so many occasions to celebrate in life but the birthday of your husband is the most important among all. On this day you can show your heartfelt love and care for your hubby. How much does your husband do to make you happy! So, he also deserves special treatment from you on his …

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Birthday Status For Dad

Father is the only one who looks after the needs and desires of all the family members and goes all out to fulfil them. He is the pillar of strength to us. They are the storehouse of knowledge and wisdom to us. They have solutions to almost each and every problem in our life. When you …

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Birthday Status For Mom

God created mother because he could not be everywhere. The bond between mother and child is the best among all other relationships. A mother dedicates her life to her children’s success and happiness. When you think about all the sacrifices which your mother made for you, it can bring tears to your eyes! She used …

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Birthday Status For Colleague

A colleague is a person with whom you work in a profession or business. But they became friends working together for a long period of time. They help us to get the solution to every problem of life. They encourage you, make the bad days better and will never, ever let you live down embarrassing …

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Birthday Status For Friend

Friends are those special people who make our life worth living. Without them, your life would become very boring. They are true blessings. Your best friend makes you laugh, makes you sad, fights for you and plays with you like a true companion. Birthday Status For Friend So it should be your duty to celebrate …

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Birthday Status For Daughter

A daughter will always remain daddy’s little princess and mommy’s mini version no matter how old she gets. Having a daughter is one of the greatest joys you can have in life, but knowing exactly what to get her for her birthday can be incredibly difficult. Daughter’s birthday is a wonderful occasion for parents to …

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Birthday Status For Brother

Brother is like your best friend; you grew up with him and shared your childhood with him. Brotherhood is an enjoyable relation among any other relationship. Brother always protects you like a hero. He supports you in every step of life. Whatever he is your younger or elder brother you shouldn’t leave any stone unturned …

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Birthday Status for Wife

Wife is not just only your better half but also your best friend and your companion in every step of life. She is a true soulmate and good fellow who always stand you and family in every need. She will never let you down. Birthday Status for Wife So it is your responsibility to show …

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Birthday Status for Boyfriend

Your boyfriend makes you laugh and turns all your sadness into happiness. So it is your duty to make him feel special on his birthday. Do every possible thing which makes your boyfriend happy on his birthday. The best thing to do on his birthday is conveying your lovely feelings and birthday greetings to him …

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