Sorry Status for Sister

I’m Sorry Status for Sister

Most of the people having sisters had their ups and downs in their relationship while growing up. Your sister can be your best friend and also a wonderful person that inspires you. But sometimes sister can be a disturbing nightmare that is driving you mad. There can be many misunderstandings and fights occur between siblings. We …

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I'm Sorry Status for Friends 1

I’m Sorry Status for Friends

Friends are an indivisible part of our life. Friendship is a relationship where fights and arguments start from silliest reason. Arguments and fights over silly things is a part of friendship. But sometimes our friends get offended by some of our misbehaves or misunderstandings. At that time you have to say sorry sincerely to get …

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Sorry Status for Family

I’m Sorry Status for Family

When you live in close proximity with other members of your family there will be a major chance to make mistakes. So we have to apologies for our mistakes. If you don’t ask for forgiveness the issue will be transformed into something much bigger that is almost impossible to repair. Apologizing is hard for most …

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Sorry Status for Husband

I’m Sorry Status for Husband

Husband and wife make life beautiful together and also make mistakes. Sometimes misbehave, argument, misunderstanding can mislead a married life which can create a disaster on a sweet relationship. But it’s good to accept your own fault and asking forgiveness with a heartfelt sincere apology. No matter what is the problem if you want to apologize …

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I'm Sorry Status for Wife 2

I’m Sorry Status for Wife

It is impossible to run a trouble-free marriage life. There are many obstacles in a relationship even a married couple aren’t exempt from misunderstanding, fights or arguments. Sometimes we hurt our beloved wife being rude over something silly. So we should apologize for being tied to a happiness bond. But Saying sorry is not easy …

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I'm Sorry Status for Brother

I’m Sorry Status for Brother

Brothers are next to our fathers. From childhood, they helped us in every step of life. We make mistakes every moment of our lives. Our mistakes can offend our brother. So we should apologize to our brother. But most of us don’t know how to apologize to our brother and some of us don’t want …

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Sorry Status for Father

I’m Sorry Status for Dad

Father is a man who takes all the responsibilities of his children and protects in every step of our life. Dad means the most respectable persons of everyone’s life. He is the hero of his children. You don’t even count or remember all the things that your father did for you and to make your …

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Sorry Status for GF

I’m Sorry Status for GF

In every relationship, there must be some arguments and conflicts. Girls heart is too sensitive so they get offended over little things. Never be the reason for your girlfriend’s tears. If you have done something stupid or behaved rudely with your girlfriend then nothing is more important that say sorry to her. Don’t be too …

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I'm Sorry Status for Mom

I’m Sorry Status for Mom

Mother and child have the sweetest bonding ever. Mother is the most affectionate person in our life. A mother sacrifices many things for her children. All words will fall short to describe a mother. Really it’s tough finding the perfect word to describe your feelings about a beloved mother. Sorry Status for Mom Only mom loves …

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Sorry Status for BF

I’m Sorry Status for BF

Sorry Status for BF: No matter how great the relationship is, there will unavoidably be some ups and downs. Maybe you did something stupid or said something that hurt your boyfriend. But it is not expected that such silly mistakes become the reason for heartbreak and distance between the lovers. Don’t hesitate to say sorry …

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